'Dalyan' is a Turkish word and describes a man-made fishing weir, set up in an estuary where salt water and fresh water mix, and which is inhabited by fish species comfortable in both types of water.

We chose this name because it symbolises the constant flow, mix and cross-fertilisation of cultures and resources, of funds, ideals, and skills.

Who we are

The Dalyan Foundation was set up in 2008 as the initiative of an entrepreneurial couple based in Switzerland.

The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the well-being of women and children from underprivileged backgrounds, to improve their economic prospects and to allow them a life of dignity, choice and opportunity. It considers education and sustainable income generation to be two key instruments in achieving these goals.

To this end, Dalyan supports not-for-profit organisations which broadly share these goals. The form of cooperation is mainly through grants. But it also offers logistical and intellectual support, by helping these organisations to improve their management capacities and to scale up and become more self-sufficient in their resource generation.

The Foundation's activities are mainly oriented towards India and Turkey - the countries in which the Founders have a long-standing personal and professional commitment and an established network.